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So because of your document, I was able to implement the DMR to YSF interconnect. The explanation helped me very much. I did, however, had to mkdir another completely separate directory and copy the contents of MMDVM_Bridge into it, because I figured the instance already running ASL<-->Echolink<---->DMR might get affected, as the DVSwitch ini needs modification to reflect the fact that I am going to use ports 35100 and 35103 for YSF and not the 31100 and 31103 for DMR and ASL. Many thanks, and my appreciation to Corey Dean N3FE for giving me a link for YSFReflector Guatemala all this time. I am now able to do this by means of the DVSwitch program. I only had to run one instance of MMDVM_Bridge to accomplish the link from BrandMeister to the YSFReflector, I did not interpret your drawing this way, however. The drawing I take it to be two instances of MMDVM_Bridge running, one for the BM side and the other for the YSFn. I do reiterate that without this document I would not have been able to accomplish this and I thank you very much.

Now, I do have questions regarding the transcoding process from BrandMeister over to DSTAR:
  1. Does each Analog Bridge instance needs its own DV300U? I do have two and ran Analog Bridge AB1.ini bound to /dev/ttyUSB0 and Analog Bridge AB2.ini bound to /dev/ttyUSB1 However, each one does its thing but it does not pass data on to the other side, as if PCM stays there but does not get exported on to the other network. AB1.ini is on the DSTAR side and I used the DSTAR recommended ports (32100 32103) and does light up when TXing on DSTAR HT. Same thing on AB2.ini, DMR gets in and the ThumbDV lights up, but no audio goes through on to DSTAR. Also, AB1 has DSTAR on ambeMode and AB2.ini has DMR on the ambeMode setting.
  2. I could not make out the diagram that explains the port assignment. I gave it the last try by assigning the 31100 and 31103 ports on the AMBE AUDIO section of AB1.ini(DSTAR AB) but same results.
  3. I also tried running one instance of MMDVM_Bridge enabling DMR and DSTAR, both networks get logged in, I am able to switch reflector modules with ircddbgateway and also assign a static talk group with BrandMeister Selfcare.
  4. XLX502 already has four transcoding channels available, and as I keyed up on DSTAR the transcoders lit up as well as the ThumbDV on AB1, but the audio never went out over to DMR, at least the DMR radio never lit up.
Before doing all this, I was able to use the YSFn instance of MMDVM_Bridge with DSTAR enabled and was able to link up to the reflector but the output said that I had the wrong audio format (I do not recall the exact long line but said something like expecting AMBE and got DSAMBE or something similar, sorry, not wanting to paste a long log here)

Thanks Steve and hopefully I did not make you fall asleep with my sad story here hi.


José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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