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If you set the telemdefault = 2 you will not hear the connect and disconnect after a short time until it is triggered by a command.

telemdefault = 1                        ; 0 = telemetry output off
                                        ; 1 = telemetry output on (default = 1)
                                        ; 2 = timed telemetry output on command execution and for a short time thereafter.

On 6/8/2018 10:33 AM, WillieB wrote:

If you bridge to a DMR ID instead of a TG, then it shouldn’t matter at all whether you leave telemetry on or off. The only issue with it I’ve ran into, is if you are on a node with a lot of connecting/disconnecting then while it’s announcing you can’t transmit. You have to wait until it’s finished. It gets irritating fast lol…


Now what I would be interested in, is if we can get it to pass DTMF and leave telemetry on but only for our node. In other words I don’t want to hear when other nodes have disconnecting/connecting nodes.


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Well, there is one report. Turning off telemetry is recommenced but not mandatory. If the TG the bridge is on does not care or wants to here the messages, go ahead and turn telemetry on. I guess I need to be more clear in the how-to.

Thanks, Steve

On 6/8/2018 10:21 AM, WillieB wrote:

Doesn’t work for me, but I’ll say that since it’s recommended to turn off all telemetry anyway, it’s not the best solution even if it did work.


I installed allmon2, and I also setup Zoiper with an iax connection. I most always use allmon2 since I can visually see when it connects and when it doesn’t.




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Subject: [DVSwitch] DTMF


Hi Steve Et al,

      Will the bridges pass DTMF? Let’s say I setup an ASL<--> DMR Bridge and I want to control the ASL node. Will the bridge pass the DTMF to do that?


       Just thinking my way through a possible project, but I was wondering if this worked. It’s not a deal breaker, just would mean I need to think of something else 😊




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