Re: New member, few questions regarding hblink/hb_bridge/hb_confbridge

Colby Ross W1BSB

Ok, so I've been playing around with hb_confbridge and I think I understand how the bridging portion works now.  I set up 2 masters and had a working bridge between them.  For this example, we have Master 1, Master 2, Client 1, and Client 2.  I connected Client 1 to Master 1, and Client 2 to Master 2. I set up a bridge on talkgroup 555.  Client 1 transmits on TG555 and Client 2 on Master 2 can hear this. 

However, and I think this is likely by design, if I connect Client 2 to Master 1, where Client 1 is also connected, and Client 1 transmits over TG555, Client 2 does not hear it.  This is kind of what I'm looking for, a way to define what talk groups are passed to the other clients without repeating all of it.  I'm figuring that the software isn't likely designed to do this, but maybe it is and I'm just missing it?


Colby W1BSB

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