Re: Connect Fusion repeater to DMR

Chris WB4ULK

I finally figured it out. The DR1X is just ridiculously dumb and can't connect to anything. You have to use their Yaesu box to even connect to the WiresX rooms and then it's only over RF.

I see what you were saying, you basically install an MMDVM modem on the repeater and let it do the C4FM work. Essentially using the DR1X as a pair of radios. At that point why even use a DR1X? It's a garbage "repeater" anyway.

I am going to talk to the club and see if they just want to put a real repeater up there in place of that thing, since we will need to use a MMDVM modem anyway. At least then, it will have a real front-end on it.

That or they can just let it sit there and talk to itself. lol


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