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Steve N4IRS

I don't think you are overthinking it at all. I don't make too many outgoing EL connections so it has not been a issue for me. We can look at possibilities to streamline operation. That is the power of ASL.


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Steve, Jose, Et Al,


I’ve been mulling this in my head for the last half hour because I like the idea of the concept, but there is one disadvantage I see to connecting echolink to a separate private node vs connecting it directly to the node itself. To make outgoing echolink connections you would need to use the remote command and then dial out. If you are on a different node and need to dial out you would need to set remote twice…


So in other words. Public node is 12345. Your private echolink node is 1999. If you are connected to 12345 via say Zoiper or RF, you would need to *41999 – wait for confirmation and then dial *33<Elnodenumber> and then # to exit remote mode.


Example 2: Say you care connected to 12345 from 67890. From 67890 you would need to issue *412345 to gain remote mode on 12345 and then *41999 to gain remote mode on your echolink connection. Then *33<elnode number> to dial out. Then # and then # again to close remote modes coming back out. And you need to remember which node you are controlling at the time. Plus if you have telem announcements on….this could get messy quickly.


Don’t get me wrong, the idea of having one ASL node and then using multiple private nodes to tie things together to turn features on and off on the fly is pretty cool. But am I just overthinking the private node for EL thing?  I know that it is really no different then tying a DMR bridge in via a private node, but with El, since you can issue dialout commands? I’m probably over thinking this aren’t i?


Again this my just my thoughts and 2 cents….Feel  free to ignore me and take what I Have with a grain of salt LOL. I Promise I won’t be offended.




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Oh yes it does help. Many thanks.. I could then make 1999 the echolink connection, 1998 the DMR connection, and my node 48270 which is the AllStarlink node may have these added features on to it via CLI and so making it a straight AllStar node or an enhanced AllStar node. I have been reading the AllStar documentation, as well as the AllStar Wiki. I am liking it very much.
José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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