Re: ASL ><DMR /DVswitch Audio jitter - port problem ?

Steve N4IRS

Change and retest

useEmulator = false                     ; Use the MD380 AMBE emulator for AMBE72 (DMR/YSFN/NXDN)

On 06/11/2018 10:25 PM, KB8JNM wrote:
logLevel = 2                            ; Show messages and above 0=No logging, 1=Debug, 2=Message, 3=Info, 4=Warning, 5=Error, 6=Fatal

; Metadata management
exportMetadata = true                   ; Export metadata to USRP partner (transcode setups require this)
subscriberFile = /var/lib/dvswitch/subscriber_ids.csv   ; DMR ID to callsign lookup data

; General vocoder setup information
decoderFallBack = true                 ; Allow software AMBE decoding if a hardware decoder is not found
useEmulator = true                     ; Use the MD380 AMBE emulator for AMBE72 (DMR/YSFN/NXDN)

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