Re: Now What?


I can only speak for myself on this matter.
I always look forward to improved emergency communication possibilities,
in doing that quest, I have fun, learn new things, and discover or make new possibilities for myself and others.

I created my own script for connecting on the fly from a allstar node, but,
until I have tested the problems with it and make some goof proof remedy for them,
It will remain just a test script on my systems.

This is NEW stuff, and none of us can think of some of the downsides to what we are doing.
So, a slower dev/testing on this is needed or disaster will soon take over and that will turn everyone off.
There is going to be a rather large influx of newbies and I follow that mold.
But hey, this is amateur radio and what it is all about.

Patients... it is moving forward. But most of it is rather new as far as newer cheaper methods for entry.
I call that 'developments'
It possibly represents the largest expansion to ham radio I may have seen in my lifetime. And that sure is a switch.
More that get involved, the better our chances of solid development that stands the test of time.

So here is to the future possibilities that I see as very bright !


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