Re: Random-ish audio artifacts


Use the text in node definition as per the how2 draft.
It is the port settings that is important here for what is actually connected to your gateway/usrp.definition.
If that node is publicly defined node # or not. It must be "by itself" with those settings. It must not be defined in any other way outside of the node number for it to work.
My advise is,  make it work as prescribed before making changes desired.
You might understand it more/better.
But if you are running that as shown, you are creating havoc on the dmr port and must stop.

Put simply, the analog port gateway (usrp) must be defined as a 'separate node' without all/most of allstar options or you are going to make a mess and possibly get a bunch of hate mail from dmr users you are screwing up the channel for.

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