Re: P25Reflector

Steve N4IRS

For the numbering system, MMDVM borrowed from P25NX or DMR. You can see the existing list in the P25Hosts.txt that is part of the P25Gateway package.
# World Wide, 1010x
10100    41000

# North America, 1020x
10200  41000
10201  41010

# Europe, 1030x
10300    41000
10301    41000

# Pacific, 1040x
10400    41000
10401    41010
10402                41000
10403                41000

# America-Ragchew, 28299
28299    41000

# Alabama Link
31010    41000

# 31665 P25-DMR Gateway
31665    41000

# 31672 P25 Pi-Star chat
31672        41000

# 50525 Bridge to YSF, NXDN and DMR
50525    41000

This reads as TG address of reflector port number. If you notice,  North America, 1020x has 2 reflector on the same host. Each reflector is listening on a different UDP port.
The reflector does not actually care about the TG # used. It's the job of P25Gateway to switch to the reflector based on the TG transmitted by MMDVM_Bridge. Once the connection is made, traffic flows until P25Gateway sees a different TG.

Hope this helps, Steve

On 06/18/2018 04:17 PM, Jeff Carrier wrote:
Not sure if this belongs in one of the subgroups.  Is there a way to host multiple talkgroups on one reflector or would I need to host those on multiple machines?  Speaking of reflector talkgroups, how do I pick a number that doesn't clash with the overall P25 network?  At this point I'm running one privately but I'm curious on the numbering convention being used.

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