Re: P25Reflector

Jeff Carrier

Thanks Steve, 

I'll tinker around with setting up another reflector for grins.

we're running 10209 41000 here if anyone wants to add it to a host file.

It's bridged to analog and to bm 310815

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 9:05 AM KB8JNM <groupio@...> wrote:
LOL... I'm in ( at a latter time ) Still have other stuff to learn first.
But I have wondered what was / could stop anyone from making their own reflector on any of these formats.
Seems to me, as long as your system was accepting the connects to the ID, it's up to you and your system.
But I know each would/should have their own rules governing that per issues specific to them.
Locally, there was a lot of interest in P25, but not sure it is still there since YSF and yaesu sold everyone a new repeater around here who could not repair their own systems anymore or afford to have someone else do it for them. Smart move on Yaesu's part but nobody applied the next step.

But back to the point. Seems like these streams are basically well under 10k. with whatever compression tech is applied, And the Pi's you are referring to, do not have to deal with adding compression or unpacking the streams, just handle them. 'A Server/Switch'
Sounds like I need  I need a couple of xtra 3b+ pi's laying around going forward...LOL

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