Mike, AA9VI

I tried with the apt-get and since I could not resolve the issues so then I tried with the github since that previously worked a while back.  The audio works from DSTAR-DMR but not the other way around.  Attached are the config files.  Do you see anything wrong?  I've been making so many changes over the last week trying to troubleshoot this that maybe I screwed something up.  I need another set of eyes to see it.

I tried to do it all from MMDVM but since that didn't work I tried dmrlink.  Same problem.  The repeater can connect to the host program (MMDVM or dmrlink) but it will not talk to analog bridge... at least I don't see traffic on the terminal window.  In these files I am using DMRlink for the DMR and MMDVM for the Dstar.  There are two instances of Analog_Bridge:  1 for DMR, 1 for DStar (with Dstar suffix).  Note, due to earlier problems, perhaps unrelated, I am not currently using DVSwitch/MMDVM for DMR.  I opted to use DMRlink.

I even tried the md380-emu in place of ttyUSB0 for the DMR side but that didn't change anything so I don't think it's a hardware issue.

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