Re: MMDVM User Authentication

Rod - KC7AAD

Ideally, the admin could have a list of Authorized users. Consider it a whitelist. That list would probably contain their ID, as it's what get's sent in during the registration process of the hotspots. The list, if the user was in it, would allow the user to connect to the server and use the path into the cBridge.
If the user was not in the whitelist, the user would be denied any access to the server. Their client could (and like would) retry.. retry.. retry.. rety.. 'til the cows come home.. but would never get access!

I get that we have the password, but when the password is passed out among friends of friends, and mentioned in conversations or posts.. It get's to be a little like a run-away train eventually. Our group just went through a password change of 3 of our servers. We required the users to send us a request for the new info before we give it out. But you can only imaging that it's only a short bit of time before it get's out again.
Our group does offer a "public" server with a handfull of talkgroups on it. But folks always want the Cadillac, and are barely paying for a unicycle!

Rod / KC7AAD

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