Re: Strange announcement after each keyup after about a day of running


The ASL node you attach this to needs to have those same settings as you see in the HOW2 !!!

This is why it is a separate node.

If not, you will be creating problems you can not see or hear but making many angry and if they figure out who it is...

Your going to get more than a tongue lashing !.

You have been warned ... LOL


On 7/2/2018 12:28 AM, Chris WB4ULK via Groups.Io wrote:
I went through and see that I didn't have a firm grasp of the ID usage with appending an SSID on my DMR ID.
I made the appropriate changes and I will see if that fixes my issue.

I didn't make an additional node stanza like he did, as this node's sole purpose is to be a bridge node, so the additional stanza seems to be redundant.

I will post back to this thread with the results, so if that was my problem, others will see my solution for my particular problem.

Maybe I will get it licked.


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