Re: Strange announcement after each keyup after about a day of running


For everyone:

If you take a look at that default node settings for the DVswitch,

you will see that the cw id is described but very short.

Things like that will tx over the bridge and disrupt the dmr side and probably create the issues you are witnessing.

In my initial set-up and test, I thought I knew enough or better. I did not.
Some settings for a node that are not described have a default, so in some cases, you must describe those settings. But at a minimal.
That cw ID will not make it to the DMR with the delays as proposed. Change those delays and make more problems for yourself.
The skinny is, USE THE DEFAULT before making any changes. And you can't have it saying or broadcasting any telemetry on the DMR side.
But you need to think it all trough very well before making changes.
It is very easy to disrupt a DMR channel without knowing it.


On 7/2/2018 12:56 AM, Chris WB4ULK via Groups.Io wrote:
I bet that "Blocked" is exactly what was going on. I will go change those as well.

Thanks a lot for that!


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