Re: Strange announcement after each keyup after about a day of running

Steve N4IRS

You are correct. This is a issue with traffic from ASL -> DMR. As a test I have ASL 2600 connected to TG 3166 in transceive. I also have 2600 connected to 2135 (WAN) in RECEIVE only. I have none of the hang time values set in MMDVM_Bridge.ini. (so they are at default) I am using the suggest ASL node config. I am hoping to catch the issue with "blocked"
Analog_Bridge has a hang timer which is built to keep any transmission sent to DMR to a minimum of 2 seconds. I am listening to the analog for the "blocked" message. If you have a ASL node that is NOT bridged to DMR and can stand listening to the traffic, please connect to 2600 in transceive so that we get analog traffic from you. My hope is to trigger the message and work with the US BM admins to find the block and understand what is triggering it.

73, Steve N4IRS  

On 7/2/2018 9:49 AM, Chris WB4ULK via Groups.Io wrote:
The cw id has no bearing in this situation. Even if you did have the CW id set to run by accident, it wouldn’t ID every time the machine keyed up.


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