Re: DMR <-> P25

Steve N4IRS

You are on the right track building from the outside in. P25 to DMR requires transcoding. That is your next step. P25 to DMR looks like this:

P25Reflector <-> P25Gateway <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> Analog_Bridge_1 <-> Analog_Bridge_2 <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> BrandMeister

The 2 copies of Analog_Bridge are connected "back to back" to transcode P25 to DMR.   Analog_bridge_1 is configured for IMBE (P25) and Analog_Bridge_2 is configured for AMBE (DMR).

[USRP] Analog_Bridge_1                  [USRP] Analog_Bridge_2
address =                     address =
txPort = 32001                          txPort = 34001
rxPort = 34001                          rxPort = 32001
aslAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  aslAudio = AUDIO_UNITY
agcGain = -20                           agcGain = -20
dmrAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  dmrAudio = AUDIO_UNITY
dmrGain = 0.35                          dmrGain = 0.35

Above is the [USRP] stanza from each copy of Analog_Bridge. Notice the "crossover" of the TX and RX ports.

In the above diagram, You only need 1 copy of MMDVM_Bridge. P25 points to Analog_Bridge_1 and DMR points to Analog_Bridge_2

Hope this helps,

73, Steve N4IRS

On 07/06/2018 06:03 AM, va3czk@... wrote:
Good morning,
I'm just getting my head wrapped around this and trying to set up P25<-->DMR and here is what I have done so far.
- P25 Gateway up and running and conectend to the reflector
- MMDVM_Bridge P25.ini modified with my and BM credentials, both P25 and DMR enabled.
When both running I can see traffic from both sides flowing to MMDVM_Bridge in the log file.
What else is missing to make this combo work.

73' Jerry va3czk

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