Re: MMDVM User Authentication

Steve N4IRS

I think OpenBridge is fine for server to server but it requires BM admin intervention. Not suited for most of what we want to do.


On 7/6/2018 11:14 AM, Cort N0MJS via Groups.Io wrote:
To Matthew’s point, I won’t modify HBP. It’s bad enough that BM, MMDVM and DMR+ can’t stay on the same page, I won’t be the 4th dialect :)

But agree that a better way would be nice!

On Jul 6, 2018, at 8:59 AM, Matthew 2E0SIP <> wrote:

Cort - I think to make this work reliably as you would need a 1:1 mapping between Radio IDs and Passwords, and potentially limit the clients that can connect using those credentials. That way if someone shares their credentials they would then get kicked from the server.

It would be quite nice if authentication on the MMDVM protocol was improved (I quite like BM's OpenBridge implementation) but that's a discussion for another day and would also some collaboration with G4KLX etc

That said, Rod - Have you considered controlling access using a VPN ? Something like would work very well for this application

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