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Thanks, I will look for the list to join. We have several nodes. The issue we are having, is the servers forget about registered nodes in operation. This issue is happening across the allstar community. It just hit or miss, if your nodes gets effected. Yesterday, I had to abandon a node 47613, that has been in operation for registration/connection issues and use a different node number to get the repetear linked site back up. Having a successful ping of does not indicate that you will be able to connect again. Most of our effected nodes, will come around after a few hours after a reboot.

I just want to make sure the right people are aware of this issue.

Thank you for the reply!

David KG5RDF

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Date: 7/10/18 8:04 AM (GMT-06:00)
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Well David,
Probably should join the app_rpt mail list but,

If I understand your issue
Your issue is a matter of registration from your system.

Look in your iax.conf and see that you have a line with correct password data like this....

register = 48396:9b3e98a6aacd1@...    ; This must be changed to your node number, password
                                                    ; remove the leading ";"

You may need to verify your password for type error by checking it against that stored at the node data at

Once that is rx and logged, your IP connection data will go into the list spread to all nodes within about 20 minutes and show in the list of connectable nodes

So, if you have verified that is correct,and still having a issue, let me know. And state the node number in question.

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