DMRLink - bridge streams over writing.

Peter M0NWI


As you know I've got a fairly stable DMRLink bridge, this hosts 8 repeaters.  I was asked by one keeper to link the local S2TG9 from repeater A, to  repeater B S1TG9, I added both way rules to the files, and it seemed to be OK, when user on A keys, output is send to the repeater B no problem.

Then I got reports that while listening on repeater B (connected to bridge Master B), to the stream from repeater A (bridge Master A), if another stream arrived into repeater B, same slot, different TG, say a National or International group from Master C in the same bridge, repeater B would drop the TG9 stream and play out the new Master C stream.

I thought that as the repeater B (Master B) was already outputting network traffic, it would ignore further traffic until the first stream finished, and a hang time had expired. 

Wonder if because they are streaming from different Masters in the same bridge, that that scenario hasn't been considered, and so hold off is not invoked?

Is there a priority that can/has been set within the streams, which is allow the national groups to take precedence over the local traffic?


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