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Peter M0NWI

Hi Cort,

Don't have any of the kit sorry, and it might be difficult to get it across the pond!

BUT!  If you've got a PayPal, I'm happy to chip in a few bucks if that's of use, for all the help you've given me personally, my repeater group, and the hobby over the years!!



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Sent: 11 July 2018 16:52
Subject: [DVSwitch] Shameless Request

Here’s the deal. In addition to writing this software, I also try to run a fistful of repeaters in Northeast and Northcentral Kansas. That stuff competes with hblink/dmrlink development – and usually wins. It’s production repeaters people rely on. Seems to always get in front of adding features, etc.

Some of you may have RF hardware resources that I don’t have, and I’m thinking, maybe there’s a way to free up more time. I’m looking for (good working order) UHF PAs from EF Johnson CR series repeaters, or similar. Stuff that takes a few watts in (5-10, typically) and makes 75-100w out. If anyone would like to donate or sell cheap as a “thank you”, I’d be both grateful and have more time to work on code. Likewise if there’s anyone who has experience re-building these amps and the tools/documentation, etc. to do it, you might also volunteer to rebuild an amp. I don’t really have the tools (enough heat, stockpile of the chip capacitors, etc.) to do this right, and it takes me forever to get anywhere.

Ok, yes, I just pretty much begged for UHF PAs.. but I though, what the hell? Maybe someone’s sitting on a lifetime supply out there :)

0x49 DE N0MJS

Cort Buffington
H: +1-785-813-1501
M: +1-785-865-7206

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