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My explanation is not in defense of your comment, and I'm not offended.  While I don't remember seeing your post or the response to it, that isn't the answer you should have received.  As I indicated, there are plenty of things we need to address and make better, and everyone should expect that we'll do just that - over time.  Certainly there were instances in the past that our servers had some issues, but a while ago we purchased some new ones, and they've been running for some time - a few months now.  I have over 50 nodes publicly registered at ASL, so I know immediately when there are registration issues.  Since the upgrade, I've helped troubleshoot and resolve registration problems on several nodes, and none of them were because the ASL server networks were unstable or unreachable.  I haven't personally had any registration issues since the upgrade.

In closing, currently it's my recommendation that folks post their problems to the app_rpt email list.  It's the best place to get answers and resolve to issues pertaining to ASL.

Kevin W3KKC

On 7/11/2018 6:11 PM, Chris WB4ULK via Groups.Io wrote:

I'm sorry if I offended you with that light hearted comment. I can only imagine what work goes into keeping this thing up.

I was not looking for someone to hold my hand when I wrote an email asking what was going on with the registration server several months ago. I was writing asking about it because the registration server is completely out of my control. The answer I got back did not answer to my question, instead I was told to get a mentor.

I took this with a grain of salt and waited the issue out with nothing else said. What else could I do? The comment above was nothing more than a making light of the situation, as I figure with such a tremendous load on whomever is maintaining the system, you are not going to get great explanations sometimes.

Again, I am sorry that that offended you.


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