Re: DMR <-> P25

Steve N4IRS

Change to AUDIO_USE_GAIN and set the value to less then 1. I would start with .5 if it's hot and adjust up or down as needed.


On 07/12/2018 06:49 PM, va3czk@... wrote:
Hi Steve,

is there any recommended value for the audio level between DMR and P25 that works best?
Getting a little bit of distortion on both sides ?



server =                      ; IP address of Allstar/Asterisk
toASLPort = 34001                       ; Analog_Bridge <-- ASL
fromASLPort = 32001                     ; Analog_Bridge --> ASL
aslAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  ; Audio to ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_AGC, AUDIO_USE_GAIN)
agcGain = -20                           ; Gain (in db) of the AGC filter
dmrAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  ; Audio from ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_GAIN, AUDIO_BPF)
dmrGain = 0.35                          ; Gain factor of audio from ASL (0.0-1.0)

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