C Bridge to P25 Reflector

Michael KD5DFB


I am trying to setup a bridge between my C Bridge port and my P25 Reflector. When looking at older post I see reference to IPSC_Bridge and HB_bridge. Are those no longer applicable? Do I just use dmrlink and hb_bridge_all ? 

This is what I think it should be...

cbridge <-> dmrlink <-> hblink <-> hb_bridge_all <-> mb1 <-> ab1 <-> ab2 <-> mb2 <-> p25gateway <-> p25reflector

As of right now, I have dmrlink connect to the c bridge and when I tail the log, I can see traffic from dmr. Same on the other side. I have mb2 connectd thru the p25gateway to my p25 reflector. When I tail the log, I can see the p25 traffic. 

Just need some help between the cbridge and mb1 :-)

Michael KD5DFB

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