Re: setting up MMDVM_Bridge.ini


You do not set-up your node in mmdvm bridge or any of the dvswitch package files.

You set them to use USRP

You set your very minimal node (public or private) to use the USRP driver.

The DMR ID is the only 'IDs' you need for the packages.(assuming you are making a DMR Bridge)

Use the guide to know where to use your issued ID and your appended ID.


On 07/18/2018 10:31 AM, mark rosenberg wrote:
I am setting up a DMR to Allstar link.  I noticed is the file MMDVM_Bridge.ini there is a place for callsign followed by ID....What is this ID?  It can't be the Brandmeister ID because it is too many digits.

Also, I don't see anywhere in the files that my node number is inserted.  How does the Bridge know that it is bridged to my node?  I set up a virtual node in the cloud, I am not using a rpi3 for this node.

Thanks for any help


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