Steve N4IRS

BM <-> MMDVM_Bridge_0 <-> Analog_Bridge_1 <-> Analog_Bridge_2 <-> MMDVM_Bridge_0 <-> ircDDBGateway <-> D-Star Network
This is one copy of MMDVM_Bridge with DMR and D-Star enabled.

On 07/19/2018 12:05 AM, Mike, AA9VI via Groups.Io wrote:
Still no luck.  I have only 1-way audio after weeks of trying. I followed your google share instructions to the word.  But, there are a few things that are unclear.
1) I need 2 instances of analog bridge with two ini files right?  (1 for DMR, 1 for DSTAR)
2) I need 2 DVSwitch.ini files, right?
3) I need 2 MMDVM instances running with 2 ini files right? (your doc says this but I thought you told me one via the message board)
It can be run tat way but does not have to.
4) I am using ThumbDVs.  I set the baud rate and 460800 right?
5) Are there any prerequsite binaries I need to install for this aside from the apt-get install dvswitch?
6) These sample files do not exist:
Sample Configuration files
Where else could they be?
I'll check

7) What is the difference between issuing a command like:
./Analog_Bridge ./Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini  versus ./Analog_Bridge Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini ?

8) Should the different MMDVM_Bridge instances be placed in different directories or does it matter?  Similarly the same question for Analog_Bridge.
Can be, but may not need be.

BEST I can tell by watching the foreground is the PCM conversion is happening in one direction only.  Somehow the USRP is only working DMR-> DSTAR and not the other way around.  This would seem to indicate the ports are not inverted on each side.  But, they are.  So now what?
If D-Star -> DMR is not working, follow it through the chain. Run everything in the foreground. Does MMDVM_Bridge see the traffic? Yes? No? if no, stop and troubleshoot. Do not go to the next step until you see the traffic.

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