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I’m preparing for a pretty big feature add for and I’m going to be adding voice telemetry response to linking actions – that means voice feedback to tell you what’s happening (if you want) when on-demand or timer actions take place.

This is a lot of work, especially on the IPSC side, where I’m going to start. One of the huge issues is getting audio files encoded to “AMBE72” and “AMBE49”. I’d rather be able to focus on one at a time – adding the voice, or getting the pre-encoded AMBE files built. I’d like to work on the mechanics in confbridge first.

Yes, I know, there are pieces out there from various sources to do this. What I’m asking for is someone to package them into a utility and verify they work as expected, and write up, clearly the format of the AMBE files produced. I’m looking for anyone out there who has done this, or wants to take it on to provide a packaged utility to ingest “normal” audio files, like .wav, etc. and output AMBE72 and AMBE49, and clearly define the format of the data in the AMBE files. That way I can focus on whether or not the telemetry pieces work, including crafting IPSC packets from scratch, and not have to wonder whether or not I’ve got a me problem, or an AMBE problem.

If you’re interested, please speak up, on or off list.

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Cort Buffington

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