Re: Adding D-star and/or P25

Steve N4IRS

So your best bet to add other modes to your existing bridge is to use ASL to do the audio mixing. Setup a second private node and connect it to a P25 or D-Star Bridge. The concepts are the same as a DMR bridge. You can use your existing instance of MMDVM_Bridge. Just enable the mode you want to bridge. You will need another instance of Analog_Bridge. P25 will require P25Gateway and D-Star will require ircDDBGateway. The important thing to understand is the UDP ports. You will need new port numbers for Analog_Bridge to ASL and Analog_Bridge to MMDVM_Bridge. Start from the outside and build in. Since you have DMR <-> ASL working. Start from ASL.


On 7/19/2018 10:15 AM, mark rosenberg wrote:
Ok, so my next question is regarding adding D-star and/or p25 to the Allstar DMR Bridge.  I would LOVE to be able to use the cloud-based server to also connect D-star / P25 to Allstar.  Especially P25 because I have D-star access on my Openspot..but P25...that is another matter.


Mark 4x1ks / Ku4m

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