Re: ASL to DMR Bridge...changing talkgroups


Mark I have something I have been working on.

But I'm not finished yet. Want to be able to query where it is and some other stuff. (all dtmf)

But in my system, it's integrated in a larger package I built years ago to bypass some of the constants off app_rpt. Something also being re-written.

I really do not want to provide support for that larger package, so, you will just have to wait till I finish it and separate it from the whole package or someone else releases something. But it does work quite well once I coded against all? the blunders a person can make when using it.... like trying to change TG's while in TX to the bridge (allison blows through). Stuff like that.

But whatever I put out there will have to be simpler than it's current form. I'll get there. Only been working on it a few weeks here and there. I think I can make it real simple when I finish all the features I want in there.


On 7/20/2018 3:51 AM, mark rosenberg wrote:

Has anyone figured out a fast way to change talkgroups?  As it is, I need to go into change the TG is Analog Bridge.ini  and also Brandmeister under Static groups.  Is there a clever, faster way to switch TG using the ASL to DMR Bridge?


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