Ken KE2N

Following this thread back, I think you were telling me that I need two fob's to do DMR to DSTAR.  I understand the AB's would be  cascaded to do that.  Right now I am just doing DMR to analog,  but I am only getting it to work in one direction - from DMR to analog.  In the direction from analog to DMR, MMDVM_Bridge says it is TX'ing, but the repeater does not key up.  I am using the repeater's own address as a talkgroup and have configured that address as a static TG on TS2 in the repeater's configuration.  That approach worked with Open Spot.

in the mmdvm output, the repeater's address appears in the "dst=" field, the slot and color code are correct. 
I am not sure any of the other data is important.

Begin TX: src=13157013 rpt=315146902 dst=315148 slot=2 cc=6 metadata=315146901

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