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Peter M0NWI

That sounds interesting! 

Would the same code be able to able to be ported to DMRlink?  Be nice to have a more open way to trunk it to a bigger network.


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OpenBridge is a work on progress for me. Not working yet, so not pushed to the hblink repo. 

On Jul 28, 2018, at 3:09 AM, Matthew 2E0SIP <> wrote:

Hi Mike,

To get the Parrot working as a "Master" with confbridge connecting as a client, either the confbridge needs to write the RADIO_ID, or the Parrot should not validate the ID.

I see some merit in both, depending on whether you want to see the last hope of the frame our the original source.

I guess it's a big job, but perhaps it's worth swapping to the OpenBridge format for linking applications?



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