Re: Analog_Bridge for the Raspberry Pi

Steve N4IRS

I have replaced Analog_Bridge in the Analog_Bridge repository on GitHub  Mike has uploaded the new version of the confidence test for DV3000 (
This new version of confidence test is significantly more complete. The number and complexity of the testing has improved and even more will be added.
Support for testing a remote AMBEserver has been added. DO NOT run on the same machine as AMBEserver. -i 192.168..1.10
If your DV3000 FAILS the tests, you can be confident that Analog_Bridge will not work properly. If the DV3000 passes, you might have a shot.

The options are: vens
v == verbose test is normally silent.
e == stop on errors
n == use 460800 for baud rate (Newer DV3000u)
s == serial port
i == address of AMBEserver if that's what you are testing -v -e -n -s /dev/ttyUSB0 -v -e -i

What I am finding is that power is the MOST critical issue. To force errors, I am using a 1.35A power supply. Even adding a USB extension cable or thick cable affects results.
It LOOKS like the DV3000 resets when sent a frame to decode or encode if there is a problem. 
73, Steve N4IRS

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