Re: Analog_Bridge for the Raspberry Pi

Steve N4IRS

I have replaced Analog_Bridge in the Analog_Bridge repository on GitHub  I have also uploaded the initial version of a confidence test for DV3000 (
This is the first version of confidence test. The number and complexity of the testing will improve over time.
If your DV3000 FAILS the tests, you can be confident that Analog_Bridge will not work properly. If the DV3000 passes, you might have a shot.

As of right now, I have 4 ThumbDV and a PiDV I have not run tests on the PiDV yet. I am testing on the following hardware and software.
RPi3 with a Anker 60W power supply.
Various X86 machines 
Current Compass Linux Lite (NW Digital Raspberry Pi Linux)
Current Raspbian Lite Linux
AllStarLink DIAL RC1 (Raspbian)

73, Steve N4IRS

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