Re: HELP needed for building a bridge from TeamSpeak to either YSF, ASL or wires-X ??.

Steven Blackford

  What you're wanting to do involves a couple of different bridges.  First you'd need to setup up a bridge from AllStar to your YSF Reflector.  It'd look like this ASL<->Analog_Bridge<->YSFGateway<->YSFReflector.  If you're wanting to bridge a YSFReflector to a Wires-X Node, you'll need to setup an RF Bridge there.  On the Carolina Link, I use an RF Bridge between our YSF Reflector, my Wires-X Node, & a connection over to FCS003/33.  This actually works really well & has been stable.  I use an OpenSpot connected to the YSF Reflector & a DV-Mega going over to the FCS003/33 on the same simplex frequency as my Wires-X node.

Finally to link over to TeamSpeak, you basically use 3 pieces of software.  You use the TeamSpeak 3 software, Zoiper to dial into your AllStar Node, & finally Virtual Audio Cables to tie the TS3 Client/Zoiper together.  This works well, but you will find you need to keep an eye on Zoiper.  It's best to restart the software every day or two.  Not a big deal, but it'll save you from having audio issues, etc.  Hope that explains things better.  73 de K4SQI!

Steve, K4SQI

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 1:55 PM, Joe Condron <condronj@...> wrote:
Good afternoon all,

I need HELP to build a bridge from TeamSpeak to either YSF, ASL or wires-X.
Which one is the easiest option, and how do I do it?. Any help is Appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Warmest regards
Joe G7kdz.

Steve, kb7sqi@...

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