Re: Error HBmonitor, Help me, please.


I am currently using HBMonitor.  I had that issue.  I had to change the config file see below.  What I had to add is in bold.  The page doesn't display correctly with more than 4 Masters but the HBlink status screen below is all I am really looking at.

REPORT_NAME     = 'TARMA'  # Name of the monitored HBlink system
CONFIG_INC      = True                  # Include HBlink stats
BRIDGES_INC     = True                  # Include Bridge stats (
DMRLINK_IP      = ''           # HBlink's IP Address
DMRLINK_PORT    = 4321                  # HBlink's TCP reporting socket
HBLINK_IP       = ''
HBLINK_PORT     = 4321
FREQUENCY       = 1                    # Frequency to push updates to web clients
WEB_SERVER_PORT = 8080                  # Has to be above 1024 if you're not running as root

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