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I had the same issue I went to positive 10 or 15 with another station listening and that seemed right to us. Your milage could vary. Acg gain for to ASL. Set the other to use acg.

Unity means no adjustment I believe.

On Sun, Aug 12, 2018, 1:47 PM Dennis Ramos <m0tfg@...> wrote:
hello guys, i just wonder if you can help me to increase my dmr audio going to allstarlink. it is a little bit low.

my existing setting are this; default

server =                      ; IP address of Allstar/Asterisk
toASLPort = 32001                       ; Analog_Bridge <-- ASL
fromASLPort = 34001                     ; Analog_Bridge --> ASL
aslAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  ; Audio to ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_AGC, AUDIO_USE_GAIN)
agcGain = -20                           ; Gain (in db) of the AGC filter
dmrAudio = AUDIO_UNITY                  ; Audio from ASL (AUDIO_UNITY, AUDIO_USE_GAIN, AUDIO_BPF)
dmrGain = 0.35                          ; Gain factor of audio from ASL (0.0-1.0)

actually i would like to understand those unity, use agc and use gain setting, and the gain levels in db. what are those for.

many thanks in advance

de dennis/m0tfg

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