P25 <-> DMR Transcoding

Bryan Biedenkapp

I've gotten the basics of the transcoding to work on my private testing systems to work (mostly). The configuration I'm using look like this:
[MMDVM with DMR only] <-> [MMDVM_Bridge] <-> [Analog_Bridge] <-> [Analog_Bridge] <-> [MMDVM_Bridge] <-> [P25 Gateway] <-> [P25 Reflector] <-> [P25 Gateway] <-> [MMDVM with P25 only]

I can see traffic from the DMR side pass all the way thru and I do get P25 out. However, I've noticed I seem to lose the originating subscriber/source radio ID and target/destination talkgroup ID. Is there any way to somehow retain this information when transcoding? Or because of the nature of the transcode will this information always be lost?


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