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Steve N4IRS

To eliminate most of the hang times make sure you are using the values here <> in your asterisk config. There is another timer you need to be aware of. BrandMeister has a "loop detector" This was posted by Mark N2NUO from US BrandMeister:

The loop detector works based on detecting a lot of short transmissions in a short amount of time. So if an internet connection was dropping in the midle of a TX, the loop detector probably would not detect it as a lopping incident. When a hotspot drops because of an internet connection, in most cases, the hotspot needs to go through the reconnecting and the suthorization process with usually takes more than a few seconds, bu that said, anything that could cause a lot of key/unkey conditions within a few seconds could cause the loop detector to activate on that hotspot ID. For instance, if there is an issue with the PTT button and it PTT's multiple times because it was not closing the PTT circuit properly, that would probably be considered a looping incident. The loop detection software was written by a user that saw the issue of looping and decided he was going to work on a solution, the developers looked at the code and decided to impliment it into the system, but as said previously, the best loop detection device we currently have is an admins ears  istening to a TalkGroup and determining if the multple PTT's are simply a user that is not pressing the PTT hard enough or an actual looping device.

To keep this from happening to a weak analog signal, Analog Bridge introduces a mimium signal length timer. It's purpose is to make sure ay signal is not under 3 seconds to avoid the loop detector. A signal of over 3 seconds should have no hang since the timer has expired. A transmission of 1 second will be extended to 3 seconds.

Hope this helps,
73, Steve N4IRS

On 08/20/2018 05:19 PM, Tony D wrote:
Hello All

I have setup an Allstar/DMR link with DVSwitch which is working great! I want to say thank you for the awesome work on this project.

I do have one question... I did notice that there is a tail in the transmission going from Allstar to DMR... I was not sure if there is a setting to limit the tail or not... Going from DMR to Allstar/Echolink the signal drops right away on un-key...


-Tony N1XRS

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