Re: Can it be created in dynamic rules of TG as in BrandeMeister?

EA5GVK Joaquin

ok, perfect, I'll look at the examples.
in the file section this
But for example if I want to bridge from Brandmeister TG21461 to HBLINK TG21461 as dynamic 10 minutes.
It is correct?
    'BM21461': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'HBLINK',     'TS': 2, 'TGID': 21461,    'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 10,  'TO_TYPE': 'ON',   'ON': [21461,],    'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'BM',     'TS': 2, 'TGID': 21461,    'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 10,  'TO_TYPE': 'ON', 'ON': [21461],         'OFF': []},

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