Re: DV Switch as master then connected to BM

Kim-Benjamin Lütkemeier


you can try this software "Hytera DMRGateway" Version 1.7

1. Hytera repeater connect to a local Master (Hytera DMRGateway)
2. Hytera DMRGateway connect to DMRGateway from G4KLX
3. DMRGateway connect to your HBLink

Its working but my Problem was, you hear the "Hotspots" only on TS2 maybe you find a solution to route the traffic on TS1

A Manual you find on this Website also.
This software block encrypted calls.

Have fun
Do1KBL, Kim

Am 08.09.2018 um 04:02 schrieb Cort N0MJS via Groups.Io:

Neither DMRlink, nor HBlink will work with Hytera repeaters. They speak a different language... they don’t publish the protocol, and I have none to test with.

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