Re: Allstar & DMR | piping audio from talkgroup into USB soundcard

Steve N4IRS

What device are you sending audio to the signal link from the Pi? Where you say "I am able to get the Signalink to PPT via VOX if I play audio on the RaspberryPi"
In other words, what command line did you use to send the audio.

Steve N4IRS

On 09/09/2018 05:50 PM, Lou Michaels wrote:


I'm setting up an allstar node to bridge my DMR talkgroup for my local simplex group using a RaspPi.

It appears I got just about everything working and connected with my node. I can send commands and even a 1khz test tone into the talkgroup, which I hear on the DMR radios. So that bit is working; yet the purpose was to have the allstar/RaspPI key one of my radios and go out on analog 2m. 

My radio is a FT857D and the interface is a SignalinkUSB. I am able to get the Signalink to PPT via VOX if I play audio on the RaspberryPi, but can't seem to bring audio in from the DMR talkgroup to PPT the Signallink. 

I suspect the issue is specifying the audio I/O in Analog_Bridge.ini. 

Below is an lsusb output as well as the Audio Device section of Analog_Bridge

I'm a little turned around by this, as I am not sure how to specify the audio IO source; 1. capture the DMR audio and pipe to USB/PCM audio interface into the SignalinkUSB.

I know the comment block says "not normally needed in gateway service" am I on the right track or should I be using chan_usbradio or chan_simpleusb? 

I've been trying different configurations and modules, but not having any luck.

Any ideas how I might get this done? 

Thanks in advance. 


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