Re: Allstar & DMR | piping audio from talkgroup into USB soundcard

Lou Michaels

I'm away from the desk right now so I cant look at the config, but iirc I reset the 

Basically what I did was set the USB audio codec in pi config to default, then played a song on YouTube. That audio triggered the signalink which PTT on VOX. I also installed pulseAudio, although I am not sure if it played a role.

When the SignalLink keyed, it pushed the audio from YouTube to my radio (857) 

My thinking was if i could get it to parrot or play the talk group audio, the default output would do the trick, at least one way. 

I didnt use any command iirc. 

I may have set the audio in and out in mmdvm ini to ttyusb but I think I reset to /dev/null prior to the "YouTube test"

I'll be back at the desk in a few minutes. 

On Sun, Sep 9, 2018, 8:44 PM Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
What device are you sending audio to the signal link from the Pi? Where you say "I am able to get the Signalink to PPT via VOX if I play audio on the RaspberryPi"
In other words, what command line did you use to send the audio.

Steve N4IRS

On 09/09/2018 05:50 PM, Lou Michaels wrote:

I'm setting up an allstar node to bridge my DMR talkgroup for my local simplex group using a RaspPi.

It appears I got just about everything working and connected with my node. I can send commands and even a 1khz test tone into the talkgroup, which I hear on the DMR radios. So that bit is working; yet the purpose was to have the allstar/RaspPI key one of my radios and go out on analog 2m. 

My radio is a FT857D and the interface is a SignalinkUSB. I am able to get the Signalink to PPT via VOX if I play audio on the RaspberryPi, but can't seem to bring audio in from the DMR talkgroup to PPT the Signallink. 

I suspect the issue is specifying the audio I/O in Analog_Bridge.ini. 

Below is an lsusb output as well as the Audio Device section of Analog_Bridge

I'm a little turned around by this, as I am not sure how to specify the audio IO source; 1. capture the DMR audio and pipe to USB/PCM audio interface into the SignalinkUSB.

I know the comment block says "not normally needed in gateway service" am I on the right track or should I be using chan_usbradio or chan_simpleusb? 

I've been trying different configurations and modules, but not having any luck.

Any ideas how I might get this done? 

Thanks in advance. 


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