Re: DR1X latest firmware

Manos Darkadakis

Thank you for the answers both David and John. The repeater is DR1X, not XE FR and the firmware is the latest according to Yaesu U.K. I have no reason to believe otherwise. I tent to believe that it is the case John says, they have taken actions against using it for other modes. All references that I am aware of have been done successfully to older firmware versions.
The system works but rx is unstable for no reason, even when there is no signal received the receiver output amplitude is up and down, not much but enough to disturb the ber when it receives a valid dmr signal. I will do a last try to see if I can get a better signal before the accessory port. If not I have a pair of Motorola radios ready to go.
Thanks again everyone
Manos SV1IW

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