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Peter M0NWI

Cheers Cort, didn't want to bug you on retired stuff, and wondered if anyone else had brute forced their way through it :)

I'm informed that GPS is delivered as a kinda SMS to a router with a link to, I'm connecting to a DMR+ IPSC2 server in the UK, so I'll ask if they can see anything arriving.  Not overly worried if we lose the odd one, its just logging anyway.


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You could just ask the guy who wrote it… ‘cause you know, he’s on this list too.

I would not trust the data routing routines in They were never completed, and may kinda work, but have some serious gaps. At the time I wrote that, I didn’t know enough about IPSC to make sure I could re-write things properly. I used a very poor approach that, sooner or later, will result in corrupted data in some packets. The question is, now often and how much? I don’t know.

I would recommend not using it.

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Before I run off down the rabbit hole, has anyone proven that the bridging of Private_data packets works under DMRlink?

I can see the code is there for the packet type callback in, but not in, so I'm using bridge, and I think I've added the rules using the correct header Private_data, with from and too and I'm getting some stuff in the log, but can't figure if I'm actually routing it or not!  Suppose I'll have to run up TCPDump.


        'PRIVATE_DATA': [
            {'NAME': 'GROUPNAME', 'ACTIVE': True, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'ON': [], 'OFF': [], 'SRC_TS': 1, 'SRC_GROUP': 5050, 'DST_NET': 'IPSC-GB7EL', 'DST_TS': 1, 'DST_GROUP': 5050 },
            {'NAME': 'GROUPNAME', 'ACTIVE': True, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'ON': [], 'OFF': [], 'SRC_TS': 1, 'SRC_GROUP': 5055, 'DST_NET': 'IPSC-GB7EL', 'DST_TS': 1, 'DST_GROUP': 5055 },
            {'NAME': 'GROUPNAME', 'ACTIVE': True, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'ON': [], 'OFF': [], 'SRC_TS': 1, 'SRC_GROUP': 5056, 'DST_NET': 'IPSC-GB7EL', 'DST_TS': 1, 'DST_GROUP': 5056 },
            {'NAME': 'GROUPNAME', 'ACTIVE': True, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'ON': [], 'OFF': [], 'SRC_TS': 1, 'SRC_GROUP': 5057, 'DST_NET': 'IPSC-GB7EL', 'DST_TS': 1, 'DST_GROUP': 5057 },

log output;

DEBUG 2018-09-20 16:18:57,717 (IPSC-GB7EL) Private Data Packet Received From: 2351266, IPSC Peer 235125, Destination 5057
DEBUG 2018-09-20 16:18:57,776 (IPSC-GB7EL) Private Data Packet Received From: 2351266, IPSC Peer 235125, Destination 5057


Cort Buffington

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