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Nice product, why not make the little unit compatible with other SBCs other than Rasberry Pi?  Maybe an added usb port to interface would make the unit interface with many SBCs and making sales go up even more?

Will / W4WWM

On 9/21/2018 3:52 PM, John D Hays - K7VE wrote:
DRAWS - Raspberry Pi HAT


[The boards will be run in the next couple of weeks, this is an opportunity to order early and save $20 on the board, and $5 on the GPS LNA Antenna]

HW Features: 
• Raspberry Pi 3 Compliant HAT 
• Power HAT and Pi from 6-15VDC 
• Onboard Voltage Monitor 
• 2 Radio Interfaces 
• Mini DIN-6 Connectors 
• Cables Included 
• On Board GPS 
• Optional External Antenna w/LNA 
• PPS for Stratum 1 Time Source 
• Battery Backed Real Time Clock 
• Accessory Port 
• PWR, IO, Serial Port, Analog In 

Operating Modes: 
• Headless, operate from your Computer 
• Network Attach or VNC 
• Workstation, operate locally by adding 
• HDMI Monitor 
• USB Keyboard & Mouse 

Open Source Software: 
DRAWS™ self identifies to the OS for configuration. An image will be available on release with popular applications pre-installed, including: 
• Packet 
• DIREWOLF 1200/9600 
• APRS, WinLink, ARDOP 
• Soundcard Digital 
• Digital Voice Repeater/Hotspot

Order at

For those who were not in attendance at DCC or the NWAPRS Summer Gathering, NW Digital Radio will be offering a tiered roll out of the DRAWS product.

Individual components such as the DRAWS HAT, GPS LNA Antenna, Metal Case, Pre-loaded SD Card, ... will be available for purchase independently. 

The initial offering will be only for the HAT and optional antenna.  Other offerings will roll out over the 4th quarter.

There will also be an offer for a complete, assembled system with all components integrated in a single package.

Specific bundles (e.g. everything but the Raspberry Pi) may be offered as well.

John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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