Re: Analog to DMR - almost there! #brandmeister


I believe it has been said,
If you have issues with the server,
Use any other one that works well for you.
So , it's worth a try if you are having issues.
But re-check periodically as things change.

I have found it is still logical to use the one 'closest to your ISP's HUB/switch', not necessarily the one closest to you if you understand that thinking.


On 9/27/2018 11:40 PM, Dan Keizer wrote:
I was able to finish the config after fuddling with a few more things  - works well.  Will do further testing which should help with ensuring I have a good grasp of the config.
Too bad our one and only brandmeister server is on the other side of the country -- the RTT gets an extra +30ms to the hop :-(
WPG -> MTL -> TOR -> MTL ... when will people get on the IX bandwagon?!
I will enjoy learning more about this config.
73, Dan ve4drk

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