Re: DMR Bridge not "un-keying" problem


As Paul correctly pointed out, it is # to drop the tx

But, I'm wondering where you had got the idea it was 99 again,
You are not the first to have that assumption. Did you read this somewhere ? I'm curious.


On 9/30/2018 1:45 PM, steve via Groups.Io wrote:
I've set up about 10 DMR to Allstar bridges.  This may be more of an Allstar issue than DVSwitch.  Anyhow, when I key with *99 on the phone portal (or IAX client) it works great ... audio comes through on DMR and it's all good.  But when I press *99 again, it's supposed to unkey, but it doesn't .... and the radio stays lit up until I hang up the phone.  Has anyone encountered this?

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