Re: DMR/AllStar one way audio


This sounds like something (port#'s) in the file changed and not realized until the reboot.

Check the port data between ambe audio and analog bridge and then from there to mmdvm bridge.
Follow the how2 a second time if you need guidance.
But you just have to verify each step to see where you are loosing it.

nobody can point you closer than that, you have to look.
But if you find the port mismatch, don't forget to restart that service after correction for a immediate check.


On 10/2/2018 2:02 AM, wrote:
Running Allstarlink (ASL) with Analog_Bridge , md380-emu and MMDVM_Bridge......
Got it up and running last night, had a qso from allstar to dmr and DMR back to allstar with "PERFECT" audio quality!
after a reboot of the server only one way audio from DMR to ALLSTAR, no audio from allstar passes to DMR, any Ideas??
I have checked/rechecked all the settings and everything thing looks in order, My node is showing up fine on Allstar and also
showing fine on the brandmeister system...

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