Re: DMR/AllStar one way audio

Jim - K6JWN

It does indeed have me thinking.  I like your idea of using a private node for the bridge (right now it's a public node).

Thanks for the help!

Jim, K6JWN

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Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] DMR/AllStar one way audio
Just to add one more method of thinking to this...

If your dmr bridge is a private node,
Use 2 public nodes.
-1 connected to it in rx for public monitoring.
-1 you have selective 'who can use' using ASL whitelist enabled for trx

yet there are other methods, but I guess this has you thinking about it now.


On 10/2/2018 8:38 AM, Mike KB8JNM wrote:
> Well, it sounds like you have your bridge on a public node.
> Hard to have 'selective control' that way.
> Think of it a bit backwards.
> I have dmr tg 91 set-up on 29999 for the last several months.
> It's in rx only
> Folks have been connecting and 'monitoring'.
> If I wish to use it on 29285, in tx,
> I can put a description on that server with the private node# ip, port
> for that direct connect on the other server. (rpt,conf)
> 1990 = radio@...:4569/1999,NONE ;29999 dmr
> So I can still connect to that dmr bridge on the other server by using
> 1990 connection in what ever mode, but the node number is 1999 on the
> 29999 server.
> 1999 dmr bridge ->rx-> 29999  <-trx-> public connects
> 29285 <-> 1990(1999 on other server) private trx connect to my dmr
> bridge on other server.
> hope this clears your thinking.
> I actually have something like this on each of 5 servers even though
> each have there own dmr bridge, I can just use the connection of the
> others for my private trx connects. But i do not allow ASL to dmr on
> unmonitored high traffic dmr tg's. And I would encourage everyone to
> think about the implications of that.
> Lots of control possibilities with this method. But there is always more
> than one way to skin that cat.
> ...mike/kb8jnm
> On 10/2/2018 12:22 AM, Jim K6JWN wrote:
>> yeah, i knew about that one, but i cant guarantee that the connecting
>> station will connect in monitor mode :)
>>> On Oct 1, 2018, at 9:11 PM, Mike KB8JNM <groupio@...> wrote:
>>> If I understand your question right
>>> ...
>>> Just connect to your DMR Bridged node in RX (*2xxxx)
>>> ...mike/kb8jnm
>>>> On 10/2/2018 12:07 AM, Jim K6JWN wrote:
>>>> I have a working DMR to Allstar setup (thanks for the help!). I have
>>>> a friend of mine who wants to listen in to the monday night papa
>>>> system roundtable through my allstar node.  Is there a quick and
>>>> easy way to configure my setup to pipe audio into Allstar from DMR
>>>> while not allowing audio from Allstar to enter in DMR?
>>>> Jim, K6JWN

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