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Oh yeah, and the parsing is MUCH faster in the updated version… with ranges, I’m gonna need that right? Check this out:

time to build ACL: 10.89 seconds
radio IDs in ALC: 6003304
search time 1.90734863281e-06
subscriber 3120201 found in ACL

I had it build a list of about 6 million radio IDs to deny… while that took about 12 seconds for it to build while starting up, searching the list (python type ‘set’ actually - yes, it’s a hashed type) it takes about 2 microseconds to find a match. Now, that’s relative to the machine speed, but based on other per-packet processing actions these programs take, that’s round-off error.

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Is anyone using the Access Control List function of bridge, confbridge or proxy?

I have written a much better parser that allows you to use ranges for allowed or denied radio IDs…. but if nobody is using it, why bother, right? If I make the changes, you’ll have to change your ACL file format. So, questions are:

1) you want me to update it?
2) if you have no idea what I’m talking about, should I explain more?

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