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Well crap… Guess I should have fixed that! I’ll get it in the next general update.

Here’s the real deal with CON_APP.

The connection to DMRmonitor and RCM is that “repeater call monitor” (RCM) messages sent by repeaters to 3rd party console apps are different than the ones sent to non-3rd party console apps (or at least they were back when I first wrote this). If you leave “CON-APP” enabled, you’re telling all of the peers in the IPSC system that you’re not a repeater, but some other piece of software…. disabling it was an attempt to look like a repeater and the default I *personally* ended up using.

Brandmeister already knows DMRlink it’s a Motorola repeater because it doesn’t talk XCMP, and thus thinks DMRlink is SmartPTT anyway… and I don’t think a c-Bridge cares… so it may not matter much in reality.

On Jun 29, 2017, at 12:14 PM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

They are both set true in the sample config. I set them to false in the IPSC_Bridge branch.
I do remember this in the comments:
# CON_APP:          Third Party Console App - exactly what DMRlink is, should
#                   be set to True, and must be if you intend to process RCM

On 6/29/2017 1:05 PM, Cort N0MJS wrote:
Those tell me Steve is running DMRmonitor also — you should set both to False unless you’re using DMRmonitor also, or know exactly what they do and know you need them.

On Jun 29, 2017, at 11:40 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

RCM: True

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